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Nicky Falk

Digital Marketing - Branding - Self-Growth

”A brand for a company is like a reputation for a person. You earn reputation by trying to do hard things well.”

- Jeff Bezos -

Hi! I’m Nicky.

I coach creative women from all over the world to achieve success in their projects.

I believe anything is possible, and I use my expertise in communication and personal development to support my clients with powerful mentoring that enables them to generate high-level results in a fast way.

My strategies and techniques allow them to permanently dissolve the moorings and move towards what they want in a much more conscious and active way.

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Marlene C.

The path Dawn of Happiness with Nicky gave me the answer to the question: "What is happiness for you?" I realized that I needed to be me in my most authentic version, overcoming the fears of the judgment of others and setting goals and dreams that were really and completely mine. Nicky offered me practical skills and tools; it was the turning point, the second opportunity that gave me life to be happy.

Anna N.

The path My Platinum Business was beneficial to learn more about myself and the approach to my dream job. Very useful in work but also other areas. With Nicky it's like being a pilot, you can run the track of your life at full throttle.
She is like a Ferrari: professional, efficient and charismatic and at the same time like a hang glider because she teaches you how to fly.

Ingrid S.

I chose the VIP Retreat and was one of the most significant opportunities for professional growth in my life.
Nicky urged me to get up on my own to think about my professional future by implementing many small actions (both communication, content, and marketing). I focused more precisely on my mission in work and life, and this allowed me to set a huge goal for 2020! I feel deeply grateful.

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